Halo Hardware & App

Setup is fairly straightforward, but with a lot of moving parts. I recommend setting up the backdrop first, then the Halo, and then load the app so you can test how the backdrop looks in camera. Do not tape down the extension cord until you are perfectly happy with how the backdrop looks in the camera.  

Hardware Set Up:

Everything you need is in the black hard case. Take note of how it’s packed when you open it; it’s like a puzzle and all the pieces fit perfectly inside their own little nooks.

Sand Bag: I included a sand bag in your prop box. The stand is sturdy, but it's just an extra precaution to drape a sandbag over the legs of the stand to keep it in place.

Software/App Set Up:

iPad Passcode: 123789 — (iPad is set to not auto-lock but sometimes it happens after long idle time.) 

Navigate to the Halo app on the home bottom row. Tap to start. 


Locate the Theta Rock The Casa "preset" - this is where your event settings live. Tap to select.


You shouldn't need to make any changes, but if you do (like changing the set filter for example), simply scroll down past the list of galleries to find the various settings toggles. 

When you're ready to launch, tap the arrow in the top right corner: 


It will ask if you want to Test or Launch. Test lets you run through the photo booth experience and then gives you the option to delete your test photos before you launch. I recommend taking a test shot, and texting and emailing it to make sure both go through smoothly. 

*Just make sure to choose Launch before the event starts. This screen also tells you if the wifi is solid, etc. 


When you tap Launch, it will guide you to the shortcut finger gestures to change exposure and see any upload errors, as well as deleting your test photos.


On the "Tap to Start Booth" home screen, tap and hold 2 fingers on the bottom right corner to engage the support screen. This screen allows you to change exposure, home screen transparency (I like to set it about halfway so you can still see the text on screen but also yourselves in the camera like a selfie), and shows you upload speeds or errors

  • Changing exposure:

Photos turning out too light or dark? Use the two finger tap/hold to pull up the exposure screen. I recommend letting the ipad auto-expose, and using the dial on the ring light to brighten. I like to crank that light all the way up, as it's the source of the good selfie light that everyone wants! It's bright, but worth it. 

  • If the app freezes:

Double click the home button and swipe up to exit (like any iOS app). Restart the app and complete the Test/Launch process again. 


Contact Me with any issues!